God after Christendom?

God After Christendom? by Brian Haymes & Kyle Gingerich Hiebert is out now

Atheism after Christendom

Atheism after Christendom by Simon Perry is out now

Women and Men after Christendom

Women and Men after Christendom by Fran Porter is out now

As part of the After Christendom series, this book explores one of the key
relational dynamics of contemporary society, namely the relationship between women and men.

Cambridge study group?

There is interest in starting a new Anabaptist study group in Cambridge. If you live within reach and are interested, please contact

Anabaptist MA modules

The Centre for Anabaptist Studies, based at Bristol Baptist College, has announced that three MA modules will shortly be available. These will be taught in block weeks in Bristol but will also be delivered online and so can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Anabaptist Origins and Distinctives will be taught on 15-19 February 2016.

Anabaptist Ethics and Hermeneutics will be taught on 11-15 April 2016.

The third module, Anabaptist Ecclesiology and Missiology will be taught in the following year.

New Anabaptist group inSouth Wales

The first meeting of this group will take place on Tuesday 14 April at 7.30pm in Ebbw Vale. Those who gather will take part in an Anabaptist table liturgy and share ideas about how the group will develop.

There have been a couple of previous attempts to start an Anabaptist group in South Wales, but a mixture of factors have hindered this. Undaunted, Peter Baines, who for some years has travelled from Abergavenny to the Bristol Anabaptist group, is inviting people in South Wales to start a new group there.

For more information, email Peter:

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