Resource Houses

Looking for resources on any of these?

  • Anabaptist history and theology
  • Anabaptist values and practices
  • Community and lifestyle issues
  • Peace and justice issues
  • Worship and discipleship

Previously such resources have been quite difficult to locate. There is an excellent library at the London Mennonite Centre and some books can be found in theological libraries. But these are not always accessible to people within the Anabaptist Network or others interested in exploring the Anabaptist tradition.

Beginning in February 2004 resources drawing on the Anabaptist tradition have been available on loan from 16 resource houses in different parts of the UK. Complete sets of Anabaptism Today will be available, together with a selection of books and resources from various Anabaptist-oriented organizations. The resources will grow over the months and years ahead, depending on the level of interest these resource houses generate.Each red marker on the map below represents a resource library. Click on a marker to see the address of the library and a link to a page with contact info of the host and a smaller map.