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How can I receive Anabaptism Today?

'You can receive a complimentary copy of the journal Anabaptism Today by contacting the distribution address or ticking the box on the response form. This journal was published three times a year between 1992 and 2004 - 37 copies in total. Copies of all issues and an index of subjects are available and can be purchased from the same address.'

Unpacking the Core Convictions (5)

by Stuart Murray Williams

On the inside back cover of Anabaptism Today are seven “core convictions” that summarise the values, principles, commitments and concerns of many who are part of the Anabaptist Network. They represent an Anabaptist way of understanding what it means to follow Jesus at the start of the 21st century. In a series of short articles we are unpacking these convictions, exploring their implications for faith, mission and discipleship.

The fifth conviction reads:

Article VI. We have been united as follows concerning the sword

We have been united as follows concerning the sword. The sword is an ordering of God outside the perfection of Christ. It punishes and kills the wicked and guards and protects the good. In the law the sword is established over the wicked for punishment and for death and the secular rulers are established to wield the same.

But within the perfection of Christ only the ban is used for the admonition and exclusion of the one who has sinned, without the death of the flesh, simply the warning and the command to sin no more.

Article V. We have been united as follows concerning shepherds in the church of God

We have been united as follows concerning shepherds in the church of God. The shepherd in the church shall be a person according to the rule of Paul, fully and completely, who has a good report of those who are outside the faith.

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