Polish Anabaptism in the 16th : a story little told

by Michael I. Bochenski

For a country known internationally as one of the most decidedly Catholic in the world, the multi-cultural and multi-faith state of affairs in the Poland of the sixteenth century comes as a surprise.

Abolishing the Laity: an Anabaptist perspective

by Alan Kreider

God and Violence

Patricia McDonald: Herald Press, 2004

By Alun Morinan

Through the Eyes of Another: Intercultural Reading of the Bible

Edited by Hans de Wit, Louis Jonker, Marleen Kool, Daniel Schipani: Institute of Mennonite Studies with the Free University of Amsterdam, 2004

By Alison Phelps

Subversive Orthodoxy

Robert Inchausti: Grand Rapids: Brazos, 2005

By Stuart Murray Williams

The intriguing subtitle of Robert Inchausti’s book – outlaws, revolutionaries and other Christians in disguise – suggests that he intends to introduce us to some interesting characters.

Anabaptism on the Radio

Members of the Anabaptist Association of Australia and New Zealand took part during June 2007 in a radio programme aired by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) radio on The Anabaptist Vision. To listen to this programme or read a transcript, go to http://www.abc.net.au/rn/encounter/default.htm

Coincidentally, Vic Thiessen was also interviewed during June 2007 on the radio in the UK.

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