Worship and Mission after Christendom

We are delighted finally to be able to announce that (after a very long delay at the publisher's) the fifth book in the popular 'After Christendom' series - Worship and Mission after Christendom by Alan & Eleanor Kreider - has been published.

The book can be ordered from the Anabaptist Network for £12.99 (including postage) and will be available at that price from bookshops. A sample chapter can be found at http://www.anabaptistnetwork.com/node/523.

Early commendations include:

New Beginnings: Peace School 2009/10

Peace school 2009/10 is fast approaching. The dates and venues for this coming year have now been set and booked, and places are beginning to be booked up. If you are looking for a space in which to explore how issues of peace and justice fit into your life; if you crave being part of a community of people asking similar questions; if you want to gain more knowledge, understanding and skills as a peacemaker, then this year’s Peace School might be exactly what you are looking for.

Hawkshead Baptist Chapel

Andrew Dodd, for many years a member of the Anabaptist Network, has written with details of the Baptist chapel in the Lake District for which he and Kath are responsible. He recommends this newly renovated chapel as an ideal centre for retreats or away days. For information, see the attached brochure or www.hawksheadhillbaptistchurch.org.uk.

Faith and Politics after Christendom on TV

JJonathan Bartley, author of Faith and Politics after Christendom was featured several times on Michael Portillo’s Christianity: A History on Channel 4 on Sunday 18 January 2009, which looked at the impact of the conversion of Constantine on the development of the church.

Every time he came on the screen during the programme (about a dozen times or so) they flashed up 'Author: Faith and Politics After Christendom'!

After Christendom: invitation to write a paper

Four books in the 'After Christendom' series have now been published. Two more are nearing completion and are due for publication in 2009. We are in conversation with four other likely authors.

However, there are some subjects that may not warrant a whole book but are well worth exploring from an 'After Christendom' perspective. We have already had suggestions along these lines. So we intend over the coming months to publish papers, essays and articles on this website and on www.postchristendom.com

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