Stories from the Future

Bookings are now being taken for a residential conference, jointly organised by the Anabaptist Network and the Northumbria Community. This gathering is the latest initiative in a series of meetings and conferences over the past few years in which members of the Northumbria Community and the Anabaptist Network have been walking together exploring common themes.

Open to God

Open to God is a new resource from the Baptist Union of Victoria, the team that produced Fit4Life, hundreds of copies of which have been sold in the UK via the Anabaptist Network over the past few years. Fit4Life is a CD-Rom containing an impressive amount of resources to help churches explore ways of becoming and sustaining healthy communities. It is still available at only £10 (including postage).

New Anabaptist group in Devon

Martin & Ros Parkes, formerly members of the Anabaptist group in Bristol, have moved to Devon. They write: 'In Bristol we were members of the Anabaptist Study group, and we really enjoyed being able to meet, eat, talk and build friendships with others who were interested in the Anabaptist tradition.

We are interested in starting something similar here in Devon, and would like to invite you to join in. We are very happy to host such a group in our home (in Ashburton) and are suggesting 4th March 2011 as a date for the first get together.

Anabaptist group in East Anglia?

David & Irene Allen, who were present at the inaugural gathering of the Anabaptist networks of communities and organisations on 2 October, would like to hear from anyone in East Anglia interested in starting a group. They can be contacted at

Anabaptist group in Oxford?

There is interest in starting a new group in the Oxford area, where a group met for several years until quite recently. Two different people at the inaugural event of the Anabaptist networks of communities and organisations on 2 October asked about this. If you are interested, please let us know at

Anabaptist Networks of Communities and Organisations: Inaugural Event

On Saturday 2 October 2010, 50+ representatives of the new Anabaptist network of communities and Anabaptist network of organisations gathered for the first of what we anticipate will be annual events. This was an opportunity for members of participating communities (churches, emerging churches, study groups, etc.) to meet each other and think about how they can encourage and resource each other. It was an opportunity also for participating organisations to bring literature and other resources and to explain how they could serve these communities.

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