Arnold, Eberhard - The
Early Anabaptists

Bair, Mark - Anabaptism
and Missions

Bender, Harold S. - Mennonite
Origins and the Mennonites of Europe

Biesecker-Mast, Gerald - Anabaptist
Separation and Arguments Against the Sword in the Schleitheim
Brotherly Union

Peter Erb - The
Life and Thought of Caspar Schwenkfeld

Feuerhahn, Ronald R. - The
Roots and Fruits of Pietism

Friesen, Abraham - Anabaptism
and the Great Commission

Gross, Leonard - Anabaptist/Mennonite
Group Dynamics

Howard, Tal - Charisma
and History: The Case of Münster, Westphalia, 1534-1535

Jecker, Hanspeter - "Test
Everything; Hold Fast to What is Good": How Menno Caused a
Reformed Pastor to Travel from Murten to Moravia

Kyle, Richard G. - John
Knox Confronts the Anabaptists: The Intellectual Aspects of His

Lowry, James W. - Pieter
Jansz Twisck on Biblical Interpretation

Nelson, Stanley A. - The
Anabaptist Story

Oyer, John S. - Nicodemites
Among Württemberg Anabaptists

Reid, Mark - The
contribution of Menno Simons to the development of Dutch Anabaptism

Rempel, John D. - The
Lord’s Supper in Mennonite Tradition

Roth, John D. - The
Mennonites' Dirty Little Secret: what Christians could learn from
Menno Simons and how he rescued the Anabaptist movement

Schmölz-Häberlein, Michaela and Mark Häberlein -
Anabaptists in the Margravate of Baden and Neighboring Territories

Scott, Elizabeth - Anabaptists:
Separate By Choice, Marginal By Force

Snyder, Arnold - Revolution and the Swiss Brethren: the Case of Michael Sattler
Vedder, H. C. - A Short
History of the Baptists

Wenger, J. C. - Even Unto Death:
The Heroic Witness of The Sixteenth-Century Anabaptist

Yoder, John Howard - Original
Source Readings from the 'Anabaptist' Movements of the Sixteenth
Century in Germanic Europe