Inter-faith action at the Atomic Weapons Establishment at Burgfield

Participate in an interfaith action on Monday 27th June at the Atomic Weapons Establishment, Burghfield near Reading.

The action will be part of a month of nonviolent direct actions taken by different groups, coordinated by Trident Ploughshares:

There will be an organising day on Saturday 23rd April 12 to 6pm at Giuseppe Conlon House, 49 Mattison Road, London. The aim of this meeting is to get to know each other, make plans, and prepare for the action. We will also be able to use Friends House in Reading for another meeting from 3pm on Sunday 26th June, the day before the action, and stay overnight.

AWE Burghfield
The Atomic Weapons Establishment at Burghfield is responsible for the final assembly of UK Trident nuclear warheads and their maintenance and surveillance while in service. It is owned by the Ministry of Defence but operation and management of the site has been contracted out to AWE Management Ltd, a consortium of Serco, Jacobs Engineering and Lockheed Martin.

For more information, contact Nora at the London Catholic Worker: