The Heart of Anabaptism

The 2015-16 webinars organized by the Centre for Anabaptist Studies will explore the 7 core convictions of the UK Anabaptist Network. These summarise the heart of Anabaptism and its contemporary significance. They are also at the heart of the book The Naked Anabaptist.

We have invited 7 people from different contexts (the UK, South Africa, Australia and North America) to reflect on these convictions, critique them and ask how they work out in practice.

Each webinar starts at 7.30pm (UK time), will be 60 minutes in length and consist of presentation and discussion. All the webinars are recorded and so can be watched later if necessary. There is no charge, although an opportunity to contribute to costs is available.

Our Church of the Brethren hosts have dispensed with the need to register for these webinars. They can now be accessed directly. To enter the webinar room, simply click on the link at Further information about the webinars can be found at, and recordings of webinars on various subjects can be accessed at

Further details attached.

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