Atheism after Christendom

Atheism after Christendom by Simon Perry is out now

To be atheist is to reject the gods of the age. Throughout Western history, those gods have included: the gods of Greece, whom Socrates opposed and was hence executed on the charge of ‘atheism’; Roman Emperors, gods whom Jews and Christians resisted and were hence persecuted as ‘atheists’; the pseudo-Christian god of Christendom, against whom Christian groups like Donatists and Waldensians, Lollards and Anabaptists rebelled and were outlawed as ‘atheists’. The god of Christendom was eventually pronounced dead by Friedrich Nietzsche. Since then, atheists have continued to rebel against this dated and defunct god. Now that we live in a post-Christendom era, the New Atheists boldly oppose the god of a bygone age whilst dutifully worshipping the gods of our own age. These new gods resemble very closely the old Roman gods, Mars (celebrating the visible, military supremacy of ‘us’) and Venus (worshipping the economic structures that defend our privilege at the expense of ‘them’). Atheism After Christendom is a call to both atheist and Christian, to be faithful to their atheistic heritage.

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