Women and Men after Christendom

Women and Men after Christendom by Fran Porter is out now

As part of the After Christendom series, this book explores one of the key
relational dynamics of contemporary society, namely the relationship between women and men.

This book argues for Christian understanding and practice that takes the hierarchy out of gender relationships. It demonstrates how the structures and mindsets of male dominance and female subordination have been and still are perpetuated, and offers alternative understanding rooted in biblical and theological reflection. From the gospel witness and the lives of the first Christians, through the patriarchal gender order of Christendom, to the challenges of equality movements, and the impact of our theological imagination on the social relations between women and men, this book traces how unequal gender power relations are both entangled and defied, inviting Christian communities to explore non-hierarchical ways of relating between women and men.

You can read an extract by going to http://www.anabaptistnetwork.com/WMACIntroduction

Available (post-free) from the Anabaptist Network: admin@anabaptistnetwork.com for £14.99

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