'Anabaptists,The Bible and Violence'

08/10/2014 - 19:30
08/10/2014 - 21:00

Tom Yoder Neufeld

Tom Yoder Neufeld, a Canadian Mennonite in the UK as a guest of the Anabaptist Network and the Mennonite Trust, will be speaking at Bristol Baptist College, giving the inaugural lecture to celebrate the launch of the new Centre for Anabaptist Studies.

His title is 'Anabaptists, the Bible and Violence'.

Tom writes: 'Stated baldly, without the Bible there is no Anabaptism. It was from the beginning and continues to be prod and guide for what it means individually and corporately not only to believe in, to confess, but also to follow Jesus. In recent time the Bible has for many come to be more problem than guide, most especially in relation to violence: does the carnage of war and divine judgment in the Bible legitimize, even valourize, violence? Is the biblical view of salvation inherently violent? Perhaps most ironically, does the deliberate vulnerability of Jesus and those who emulate him serve to open the door to violence? This has presented Anabaptists who are committed to peacemaking and nonviolence with a profound challenge: How to read the Bible humbly and faithfully as followers of a Jesus who summons them/us to peacemaking and the love of enemies?'

The lecture is free of charge and no booking is required, but if you would like a simple meal beforehand (at 6pm), please tell us you are coming.

You can download a brochure below.

For further information or to book a meal, contact Stuart Murray Williams: stuart@murraywilliams.co.uk.

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