Peace Church: Living with Shalom

The second annual gathering of the Anabaptist networks of organisations and communities took place in Birmingham on Saturday 12 November 2012 with about 75 adults and children present. Superbly planned and hosted by Peacechurch and friends, this was a vibrant, multi-voiced event that involved many different people and activities – including a table talk, pilgrimages around the local area, bread making, arts and crafts, discussions, poetry, sculpture, interacting with film, communal Bible study, etc. It was an event in which the many children present participated actively and enthusiastically.

The day explored the theme – ‘living with shalom’ – from many angles. How can we create and sustain inclusive churches? What does shalom have to do with politics and business organisations? Do we believe towards living or live towards believing? How does the vision of shalom impact young people? How can poetry help us see the world differently? How do established churches work out a vision of shalom?

We were glad to welcome people from communities not represented last year, and others not connected with any of the communities or at their first Anabaptist Network event.