Coordinator: Noel Moules

Noel Moules is the coordinator of the Anabaptist Network of Organisations.

Noel is the founder of ‘Anvil Trust’ and the originator and coordinator of its national training programme ‘Workshop: Applied Christian Studies’, which has been running since 1983 with well over 4500 participants to date. He has been involved in church leadership in several parts of the country. He is a founder member and trustee of the Anabaptist Network. Noel loves every kind of wilderness, hill walking, world music and the songs of Bob Dylan. He would describe himself as a ‘messianic anarchist’ and is passionately committed to non-violence, social justice and the integrity of all creation. He lives in Sheffield with Rowena to whom he has been married since 1971 and they have three adult children. He is currently writing his first book on Christian identity and destiny, entitled, Fingerprints of Fire, Footprints of Peace: a spiritual manifesto from a Jesus perspective.