Coordinator: Sue Haslehurst

Sue Haslehurst is the coordinator of the Anabaptist Network of Communities. She introduces herself here:

‘I did Workshop in 1993 and in various ways continued to be involved with Workshop, and later Advanced Workshop, till quite recently. At Workshop I had the "coming home" experience described by so many others and at some point realised I was Anabaptist... I was very attracted to the Mennonite theology and practices I came across through the Metanoia book stall (but still haven't finished reading all the books I bought there!).

‘I joined Wood Green Mennonite Church in 2003 to work half time as their "paid elder". I enjoyed the relationships brought about by the Root and Branch network, the predecessor of the ANC/ANO, and I am looking forward to getting to know the other communities in the ANC, which feels like a natural place for Wood Green Mennonite Church to find connections and share experiences.’