Open to God

Open to God is a new resource from the Baptist Union of Victoria, the team that produced Fit4Life, hundreds of copies of which have been sold in the UK via the Anabaptist Network over the past few years. Fit4Life is a CD-Rom containing an impressive amount of resources to help churches explore ways of becoming and sustaining healthy communities. It is still available at only £10 (including postage).

Open to God is available in the same format and contains even more resources - this time on how churches can discuss contentious issues, listen carefully to one another and reach decisions that are fully owned by the community. Decision-making in diverse communities is not easy, especially when feelings are running high, and often causes hurt and frustration. Open to God invites churches to explore various ways of making decisions well and provides resources for communities that want to be genuinely open to God and to one another.

This resource is currently available in the UK only through the Anabaptist Network. It costs £12 (including postage). You can order either or both of these resources at