Peace School

Peace School is a year long programme exploring what it means to be a peacemaker in every area of life; personal, local and global.

The programme is designed for people to participant in alongside their every day lives through a combination of residentials and web-based activities. Starting with a week-long summer school, Peace School forms a community of learning where participants bring their own experiences and take something away from the experiences of others. The community then come together for four weekends during the year, and carry on discussions between gathered times through a blog and online discussion forum.

The programme is designed to give participants the resources to be peace and justice activists within their own spheres of influence. The programme content falls into 5 main areas;

* Theology and Values - Discovering a vision of the world that brings wholeness in our lives and creation.
* Spirituality and Character - Examining the strengths and qualities of personality that are the hallmarks of a shalom activist
* Principles and Strategies - Exploring some of the models and methods for bringing peace and justice into different situations
* Creativity and Expression - unlocking our potential to see, think and act creatively
* Stories of Us, God and Creation - Discovering live giving stories that motivate, challenge and inspire us.

Peace School seeks to survey the world through a Jesus-centred, Christian understanding of Shalom (peace). While the programme is designed for people wishing to explore Shalom from a Christian perspective we aim to provide a welcoming environment for people of any background or faith who want to explore the rich and fulfilling understanding of the Christian vision of peace.

There is no set price for taking part in Peace School; instead we lay out how much the programme costs on our website and ask each participant to decide how much they can contribute to take part.

For more information on Peace School and for our contact details please do visit