Workshop is an exciting Christian learning experience designed to encourage and inspire you on your spiritual journey in today’s fast-paced, constantly changing, ever demanding world. It runs one weekend every-other month on a two-year cycle. Each of the twelve core weekends explores an important theme in detail. Each weekend is complete in itself, yet also links seamlessly with all the other weekends in the cycle. You can join the programme at any time and may continue as long as you wish. Come and simply do a single weekend of your choice, choose to do a cluster of weekends, or enjoy the full Workshop experience at a steady pace over two years.

Workshop weekends run at regional centres in London, Birmingham and Leeds. Each day runs from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on both Saturday and Sunday. There are teaching times with group work and discussion, and forum times for questions and debate. The course is largely interactive. The learning space includes an area for those that prefer or need to relax whilst participating. Handouts are provided, with further substantial notes to support and develop the ideas presented in the learning sessions e-mailed to you following each weekend.

Workshop started in 1983. Each weekend is Jesus-centred in its approach to the subject being studied and in its understanding of values. It aims to stretch the mind and excite the heart and inspire a radical response. It is a safe environment where you are encouraged to think, reflect and question. A place where every person, question, insight and idea is valued. Participants will discover a greater insight into a faith that is biblical and historical as well as living and relevant, along with a creative spirituality that blends devotion, experience, reflection, action and insight. They will also learn the skills to think for themselves along with the ability to make biblical and Christian ideas relevant to life today. The course offers real debate about hard questions that are both challenging and true to biblical values, giving the confidence to discuss faith issues in a way that is relevant and effective. Participants will make friends and learn with others from a broad range of backgrounds and experience and together develop a passion for truth, hope and action that is shaped by peace, justice and love.

Workshop offers inclusive Christian learning in today’s diverse world. Everybody from16-years upwards is welcome, from every denomination, or none. It is open to mature church leaders and to those struggling with questions of faith and doubt. Workshop celebrates difference and diversity! It is ‘open access’ so learners do not have to have previous educational qualifications. All that is asked is that learners have a serious interest in the Christian faith and an eagerness and enthusiasm to learn.