SPEAK is a network connecting the emerging generation to campaign and pray on issues of global justice. Through bringing change to situations of injustice we aim to share our faith in our creator: God.

SPEAK combines campaigning and prayer because we believe that they make a powerful combination to bring social transformation. We believe in networking because only together, when acting and praying in unity, can we really make a difference.

SPEAK began in the UK and now connects people internationally. The thousands of people involved have already played a role in influencing key decisions and policies for justice.

SPEAK connects both individuals and groups. Local groups are central to the network, and there are now over 30 groups in the UK plus others in the USA, France, Spain, and a number of countries in Africa and whole other networks affiliated to SPEAK in Brazil, Holland, Sweden and Germany!

In the local group context we are aiming to unite our faith with our action. We campaign for change in unjust structures like unfair trade rules and the arms trade, and seek to connect others to our source of hope. We want to be a movement that follows Jesus in a radical way in personal discipleship as well as striving for social transformation. We want to bring together the personal and the social in a holistic way.

Through motivating and connecting our generation, we want to see a whole movement catalysed that will transform the Church and wider society. As young adults move into business, politics, charities and the church we want to see them equipped to bring change.

Involvement in the SPEAK network can range from using the "Pray & Post" cards to becoming a SPEAK Link or running a SPEAK Group in your university, college or local area.

‘At the end of the 21st Century most of us will have to repent, not of the great evils we have done, but simply of the great apathy that has prevented us from doing anything.’ (Martin Luther King Jnr.)

Website: www.speak.org.uk