Anabaptist Network of Organisations

Since the Anabaptist Network began in 1991, we have been aware of a number of organisations with similar values. Some are explicitly Anabaptist; others do not generally use this term to describe themselves but acknowledge the influence of the Anabaptist tradition. These organisations are involved in a wide range of activities – church planting, conflict transformation, training, media work, campaigning, etc. But links between them have grown through friendship and recognition of shared values and concerns.

For a number of years, some of these organisations related to each other via the ‘Root and Branch’ network. Representatives met periodically to share news and plan occasional joint initiatives. This network had ceased to function by 2009 and was succeeded in 2010 by an ‘Anabaptist network of organisations’. This section of the website introduces each of the participating organisations and provides links to their own websites.