Anabaptist Network of Communities

Since the Anabaptist Network began in 1991, we have been conscious that a network of individuals cannot adequately express or embody the Anabaptist vision, at the heart of which is a community that puts into practice its convictions. The challenge for the Network has been to discern how the Anabaptist tradition can be embodied in the UK so that it becomes a genuinely indigenous movement. How can we convey the essence of this tradition in ways that make sense within local communities and energise those who aspire to be faithful disciples of Jesus in their daily lives?

Thus far, we have not tried to plant Anabaptist churches. We have been concerned to work for church renewal rather than developing a new institution. We have offered resources to congregations wanting to explore the relevance of Anabaptism; we have invited representatives of these churches to conferences; and we have encouraged them to develop friendships with other congregations interested in Anabaptism. We have even toyed with the term “hyphenated-Anabaptist” to describe churches that retain their denominational allegiance but acknowledge the value of Anabaptist perspectives and welcome links with other such churches.

But should we develop Anabaptist churches? Unless we can point to congregational or communal expressions of the values we embrace, can we promote these with integrity? In many places new ways of being church are emerging as alternatives for those who are disillusioned with inherited models of church, or as creative responses to a changing culture. Some of these are already drawing on Anabaptist insights. So perhaps the Network can continue to serve existing churches from various traditions, while at the same time offering resources to or sponsoring new churches.

At the start of 2004 a number of church leaders expressed interest in ‘affiliating’ to the Anabaptist Network or in some way building or strengthening links. At that time there was not enough energy to take this forward, but a new initiative was taken in September 2009, when representatives of several churches met together to talk about ways of relating together. Out of this and further conversations is emerging an ‘Anabaptist network of communities’, linking together congregations and other communities that want to learn from one another and from the Anabaptist tradition.

This section of the website will introduce each of the participating communities and, where appropriate, provide links to their own websites.

Setting up a tabletalk Group in West Wales

Are there many Anabaptists with or without a hython who would be interested in gathering monthly for a tabletalk type meeting in Pembrokeshire. I am thinking of establishing such a group. Pleas contact me at or via the forum.
We are also setting up a church life team aiming at helping churches explore evangelism and church growth and mission from the point of view of being a multivoiced team.
The Team is called Facing the world together and is made up of local leaders in the county.

Yes noel it is me from Teamwork.