The Naked Anabaptist

The Naked Anabaptist

The Naked Anabaptist by Stuart Murray is a straightforward introduction to the Anabaptist tradition. Why are so many people today in Britain and Ireland intrigued by Anabaptism? What are the core convictions of the Anabaptist tradition? Who were the original Anabaptists?

If you cannot wait until February 2011, when the UK version will be published (and will cost £8.99), the US version is already out and can be obtained from And for those on Facebook, there is now a Naked Anabaptist fan page! See

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Scot McKnight post

Did anyone catch Scot McKnight post Monday, 19 April on the Naked Anabaptist? It is entitled , "The Original Third Way: Anabaptism." Apparently he's been having a series on what he calls the third way of christianity.

What's going on in Ireland?

Hi, I'm brand-new here. I consider my self a Celtic Mennonite I suppose and work for a Mennonite Conference in PA, USA. I have a heart for Ireland, and not sure where it will ultimately lead me, but I am thrilled to learn of this network and of the Crucible training. Can anyone tell me what sort of Anabaptist activity is happening currently in Ireland? I would be interested in connecting with any folks who are working on things there. thanks much. - Keith Wilson


Hi Keith

I live in Portadown, Armagh and tried to reply to you a few months ago. I work for MMN, who have offices in Kanasa and Indiana. Where do you live? TimF