Resident but Alien - how the early church grew (DVD)

A DVD presentation by Alan Kreider

The early church was growing rapidly. For three hundred years, despite discrimination and persecution, people took the risky step of being baptized and entering into the life of an exciting but despised religious minority. What was it that attracted people to become Christians? How did the Christians share their message with others? How did worship make Christianity attractive? Did the emergence of emperor Constantine I in the early fourth century change things?

In six half-hour presentations, Alan Kreider works with students to answer these questions. Together, without rehearsal, they look at visuals of the early Christian life and read the writings of early Christians. In effect, they have a conversation with the early Christians, gaining relevant clues about the ways Christians can live and share the Good News today.

Special features:

• Six half-hour presentations
• Interactive discussions
• Participants from five countries
• Fifty photos of early Christian art
• Thirty writings by early Christians
• Study guide with discussion questions

In North America this DVD can be ordered from Anywhere else in the world it can be ordered from In Britain it costs £48.95.

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