Worship and Mission after Christendom

We are delighted finally to be able to announce that (after a very long delay at the publisher's) the fifth book in the popular 'After Christendom' series - Worship and Mission after Christendom by Alan & Eleanor Kreider - has been published.

The book can be ordered from the Anabaptist Network for £12.99 (including postage) and will be available at that price from bookshops. A sample chapter can be found at http://www.anabaptistnetwork.com/node/523.

Early commendations include:

In WORSHIP AND MISSION AFTER CHRISTENDOM, Alan and Eleanor Kreider have produced a wonderful history of Christian worship in relationship to the missio Dei, the God who is on mission in the world and who invites all to participate in that missional movement. Making use of the best of liturgical, historical and theological scholarship, this book merits wide reading by all who are concerned with the history and recovery of what the authors call ‘multivoiced worship’. While written clearly from an Anabaptist perspective, this study is ecumenically sensitive and will be read with profit by all who struggle with the proper relationships between worship and evangelism in Church and world today. I highly recommend it.

Maxwell Johnson, Professor of Liturgical Studies, University of Notre Dame

‘The Kreiders’ great gift is to communicate in a way that is simultaneously challenging and nurturing.’

Anne Wilkinson-Hayes, Regional Minister, Baptist Union of Victoria, Australia

‘Rooted in the Bible, rich in history, relevant through an abundance of examples drawn from all cultures, this exciting, eye-opening, challenging and helpfully practical book should be read by all Christian leaders, from home-group to mega church, who are willing to see that worship and mission are as inseparable as breathing in and breathing out.’

Christopher J.H. Wright, International Director, Langham Partnership International