Youth Work after Christendom launched

The launch of the fourth book in the 'After Christendom' series took place in Birmingham on 8 July 2008.

The event, chaired by Dave Wiles of Frontier Youth Trust, was sold out and drew youth workers, training officers, church leaders and others from around the country.

Stuart Murray Williams introduced the concept and significance of the post-Christendom perspective that undergirds the series, before Nigel and Jo Pimlott, the authors, presented some of the key elements of the new book.

An extract from the book can be found on this website. The book itself is available from Christian bookshops or from Metanoia Book Service at

Dave Wiles, Nigel Pimlott, Sally Nash, Jo Pimlott, Robin Parry and Stuart Murray Williams

Nigel Pimlott, Sally Nash, Jo Pimlott and Robin Parry