is Launched!

It's been in the pipe-line since last year's Preaching in a Changing Culture conference. It's just taken a while to finally get it off the ground! Well, now the Anabaptist Network and Urban Expression are pleased to announce the launch of aims to be a resource for those who are wanting to experiment in moving away from monologue sermons. Our hope is that the site will be successful in promoting the practice and values of dialogical, experimental, communal and practical preaching.

So, in line with such lofty ambitions, is intended to be as experimental, interactive and open-source as possible. Any registered user can add articles, join-in the forum and even edit other people's sermons!

The site is in beta stage, with some sections not yet fully operational. In particular, the multi-media section, where you'll be able to upload and download interactive preaching clips, is not yet off the ground. However, the truth is, we simply got impatient! We were so eager to get the site launched that we've gone ahead with things as they are.

Anyway, pop along for a visit and feel free to sign-up for an account and get stuck-in.