Alternatives to Preaching

Over 50 people participated in the day conference on 14 April, co-sponsored by the Anabaptist Network, Cell Church UK and YWAM, to explore the links between preaching and contemporary culture and to investigate the potential of alternatives to monologue sermons.

Laurence Singlehurst addressed the subject of 'Preaching in a Postmodern Culture' and Stuart Murray Williams used his favourite theological lens to explore the issue of 'Preaching after Christendom'. Both talks were recorded and can be obtained for £4.00 from Cell UK Ministries: Highfield Oval, Harpenden, Herts AL5 4BX (01582 463232), Afternoon seminars were on preaching in cell churches (Trevor Withers), preaching and art (Sian Murray Williams), preaching and drama (Karen Stallard) and interactive preaching (Stuart Murray Williams).

There was particular interest in exploring alternatives to monologue sermons - a subject to which a section on this website is devoted. There are very few resources available on this, so we may try to develop more such resources over the coming months.

One participant was so enthusiastic about this possibility that he immediately purchased the domain name in the hope of developing a resource site and forum for sharing experiences. There's nothing there yet, but keep an eye on this for future developments.