Preaching in a Changing Culture

14/04/2007 - 10:00
14/04/2007 - 16:15

A day conference sponsored by the Anabaptist Network, Cell UK and YWAM

Saturday 14 April 2007 at Highfield Oval, Harpenden, Herts AL5 4BX

• How can we communicate authentically in a changing culture?
• How can our churches become learning communities rather than consumers of preaching?
• How effective is the model of a ‘speaker at the front telling the people truth’?
• What is the relationship between content, communication skills and anointing?
• What impact can the use of art and drama have in preaching?
• What is the role of cell groups in unpacking sermons?
• What are the benefits and pitfalls of interactive preaching?

If you are interested in these questions, come and explore them through a mixture of plenary sessions, discussion and seminars.

The day is designed for all of us who are seeking to communicate effectively, young and old, male and female, experienced speakers and those who are just beginning this fascinating journey.


10.00 Registration/coffee/bookstall

10.15 Welcome/worship

10.30 Preaching in a Postmodern Culture (Laurence Singlehurst)

11.30 Break

12.00 Preaching after Christendom (Stuart Murray Williams)

1.00 Lunch (bring your own)

2.00 Seminars:
(1) Art and preaching
(2) Drama and preaching
(3) Preaching and cell groups
(4) Interactive preaching

3.30 Plenary discussion

4.15 Close

The day will cost £15 (£12 if unwaged). For further information or to reserve a place, contact Cell UK at Highfield Oval, Harpenden, Herts AL5 4BX, on 01582 463232 or email Or download the brochure and application form below.

The Anabaptist Network provides resources and opportunities for those who are interested in learning from the Anabaptist tradition. Anabaptism is a nearly 500 year old radical renewal movement that Christians today are rediscovering as we grapple with the challenges of post-Christendom. Its core convictions include the centrality of Jesus, faithful discipleship, holistic mission, peaceful living, speaking the truth, sharing resources freely and multi-voiced worship.

Cell UK provides resources, conferences, materials and books to support the Cell movement in the UK. The vision of the cell movement is to see individuals truly love God, love one another and love a lost world and they are inspired to do this through church in the big and the small. Each cell group has this DNA running through it.

YWAM is a mission agency with a youth focus set up to mobilise young people into mission, both short term and long term. Over the years YWAM has grown up into being a long term mission agency on a worldwide basis with 1000 of long term missionaries placed overseas, working through indigenous YWAM groups in their nations. YWAM England has a history of mobilising British young people with 200 long term British missionaries being supported by YWAM UK who themselves are part of local churches.