Faith and Politics after Christendom - now available

On Saturday 1 July, at a conference co-sponsored by the Anabaptist Network and Ekklesia, the third book in the 'After Christendom' series was launched - Jonathan Bartley's Faith and Politics after Christendom.

Here is a summary of the book's stance: 'For the best part of 1700 years, the institutional church has enjoyed a hand-in-hand relationship with government. Indeed, the church has often been seen as the glue that has stopped political systems from disintegrating into anarchy. But now for the first time in centuries, the relationship has weakened to the point where the church in the UK can no longer claim to play a decisive part in government. Faith and Politics after Christendom offers perspectives and resources for Christians and churches no longer at the centre of society but on the margins. It invites a realistic and hopeful response to challenges and opportunities awaiting the church in twenty-first century politics.'

Robin Parry from Paternoster was present to help launch the book and to report on the exciting way in which the series is being picked up by people. The post-Christendom lens through which the writers of the books view various issues is evidently helping many people to think through these issues in a changing culture.

About 50 people attended and participated in the conference. Speakers included Jonathan Bartley, Simon Barrow and Andrew Bradstock.

Copies of Jonathan's book and others in the series can be ordered via