Drawn to Anabaptism: A Series of Articles

Specially commissioned for this website, a series of articles invites Christians from different traditions and denominations to tell their own story and explain why they have been drawn to the Anabaptist tradition.

If you belong to or identify with one of these denominations, you may be interested to see how others from your own tradition have encountered Anabaptism and what impact it has made on them. This has not generally meant them leaving their own denomination (after all we are a Network, not an institution), nor do they all necessarily affirm everything they have found in Anabaptism. But all of them have found inspiration and challenge in the Anabaptist tradition and points of contact with their own context.

Seven articles are now published on the website and can be accessed below.

If you are from a denomination that is not yet represented here and might be willing to write such an article, please let us know via the contact page.