Christian Perfection: Anabaptist Theology Forum

The theme that has emerged for this forum is ‘Christian Perfection’. Our three main sessions all address this issue in one way or another:

* Philip Meadows (a newcomer to the forum, on the staff of Cliff College, Derbyshire) will be drawing on his Methodist heritage and addressing the issue of ‘Christian Perfection in a Technological Culture’

* Chris Rowland will be leading us in our continuing discussion on the ethics of war and peace (an issue on which Anabaptists have often been accused of perfectionist and idealist thinking)

* Stuart Murray Williams will investigate some of the accusations thrown at early Anabaptists – Donatists, Pelagians, monks – all of which implied (among other things) that they were perfectionist in their ethics and/or ecclesiology.

The forum will run from the 15th through the 16th.

Advance notice

The next meeting of the European Mennonite Theological Forum will take place on 22-23 June 2006 in Muswell Hill.

The theme will be 'Is God Non-violent?'

For further information contact Vic Thiessen at the London Mennonite Centre:

This event replaces the Anabaptist theology forum that would normally have been scheduled for June/July 2006.