Crucible Training Course

Christians in Britain (and across western culture) are facing profound challenges and fresh opportunities. The long era of Christendom is coming to an end. We now live in a plural society, with multiple religious options alongside secular assumptions, in which Christianity has largely lost its position of dominance and privilege. Although we seem to be declining in numbers and influence, this new environment offers many new possibilities – if we have the courage and imagination to grasp them.

Crucible is a new training programme for Christians with courage and imagination. It assumes:

• We live in a mission context and need to think like missionaries.
• We need to think creatively about church in diverse and changing cultures.
• We serve the God who constantly does new things on the margins.
- on the margins of society among the poor and disenfranchised
- at the margins of culture, where creative thinking explores new possibilities
- within the margins of the familiar, those spaces all around us neglected or ignored but full of potential

What is a Crucible?

• A time characterised by the convergence of powerful intellectual, social, economic or political forces.
• A place in which different cultures or styles can mix together to produce something new and exciting.
• A melting pot, where old structures are made pliable and reshaped for more effective purposes.

Course outline

Crucible will run three intensive training weekends each year to equip Christians to create church on the margins:

Weekend 1: Creating new churches explores the principles and practicalities of starting new churches in contemporary cultures.
Weekend 2: The urban challenge presents the opportunities and challenges of starting new churches on the margins in urban communities.
Weekend 3: Emerging church investigates the fresh expressions of church emerging on the margins of church and society.

Dates for 2005/06

Weekend 1: 29-30 October 2005
Weekend 2: 25-26 February 2006
Weekend 3: 8-9 April 2006


Saturday 10.30am – Sunday 4.00pm

Venue Details:

International Mission Centre, 24 Weoley Park Road, Selly Oak, Birmingham B29 6QX

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