Creating Church on the Margins: East Midlands Anabaptist Day

The East Midlands Baptist Association has invited the Anabaptist Network, in partnership with Urban Expression, to present a day, at Melton Mowbray Baptist Church (see, exploring the Anabaptist tradition and facing the challenge of mission from the margins. Here is the information being sent out about this event:

Creating Church on the Margins

At the dawn of the 21st century Christians and churches in Britain (and across most of western culture) are on the margins. For centuries we were at the centre of society and the biblical story shaped our culture. But no longer.

Some are describing the situation of the church in western culture as an experience of exile, like that of the Israelites in Babylon many centuries ago. We no longer feel at home. Other stories and values are shaping our society. Many Christians are asking, like the exiles in Babylon, ‘how can we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?’

We face significant challenges as we adjust to life on the margins, but there will also be many new opportunities: telling the story of Jesus to people who have never heard it before; re-imagining what church might look like on the margins; exploring fresh ways of engaging in mission from the margins…

‘Creating Church on the Margins’ is an opportunity to begin to think through some of these issues. The East Midlands Baptist Association has invited representatives from Urban Expression and the Anabaptist Network – Dr Stuart Murray Williams and Rev Juliet Kilpin – to act as resource persons for the day.

Urban Expression is a mission agency with 7 church planting teams in London, new initiative starting in Manchester and Glasgow, and associates in many other places. Its aim is to create new expressions of church in marginal communities. In 2005 it also launched the Crucible course. For more information see

The Anabaptist Network is an informal network of people from many churches who find inspiration in the marginal Anabaptist tradition. Through conferences, study groups, publications and an extensive website, it offers resources and encouragement to Christians on the margins. For more information see


10.00 Registration/refreshments

10.15 Welcome/worship

10.30 From the Centre to the Margins – Post-Christendom

11.35 Watching the Margins – Emerging Churches

12.45 Lunch

1.45 Learning from the Margins – the Anabaptist tradition

2.45 Break

3.00 Mission on the Margins – the Urban Expression story

4.00 Open Discussion

4.30 Close

If you are interested in participating in this event, please contact us for information about how to register.

You can also download a flyer for the event (in pdf format)