Back in print - Beyond Tithing

An earlier book that is not part of the 'After Christendom' series but explores the issue of Christians and their finances from a very similar perspective is back in print. Beyond Tithing by Stuart Murray was published in 2000 but sold out last year. Paternoster have just reprinted it.Starting from the premise that tithing is ‘bad news to the poor’ and thus an unjust and unwise principle to guide contemporary Christians in their financial dealings, this book examines biblical references to tithing and concludes that it is a biblical but not Christian practice. It investigates the strange silence about tithing in the pre-Christendom period and explores the miserable history of tithing in medieval and early modern Europe. Tithing is presented as a case study of the vestiges of Christendom that need to be identified and eradicated. Final chapters invite readers to reflect on other biblical principles, especially jubilee and koinonia, and to be creative and radical in giving and sharing.

You can also read a review of Beyond Tithing by Anabaptist Network member Graham Old.

Beyond Tithing is available for £14.95 from Christian bookshops or Metanoia books in the UK (email