Following in the Footsteps of Christ

We'd like to highlight this new book by C Arnold Snyder about Anabaptism.

From the back cover of Following in the Footsteps of Christ: the Anabaptist Tradition

"Anabaptist spirituality has been described as 'both Catholic and Protestant', a sixteenth-century ascetic lay reform movement inspired both by currents of pre-Reformation devotion to Christ and the Reformation call to return to Scripture. Because of their insistence on adult baptism, followers- often illiterate artisans and peasants with no formal theological education- met widespread persecution. Arnold Snyder's sympathetic study draws on court records to give an intimate glimpse into their convictions, practices and spirituality."

About the Author:

Snyder is a Professor of History at Univeristy of Waterloo. He is the editor and author of several books and scholarly articles on the Anabaptist tradition.