The Academics and the Unintentionals

It's becoming increasingly clear to me that the Anabaptist Network includes two general groups of people. There are those who come from an Academic background and are interested in the academic side of things: history and theology especially. These are the folks who have been the main contributors to Anabaptism Today and who have a vision for Anabaptism being taken seriously as a theological perspective in Britain.

The other group I'll call the unintentional Anabaptists. As people shared around the circle on Friday night, I was struck by how many of them talked about drifting into Anabaptism through taking Workshop with Noel Moules or working with Urban Expression. These folks aren't particularly interested in the academic side of the network. Instead, they're drawn to the practical side of things: the way Anabaptism might affect their church and daily lives.

These two groups are not mutually exclusive and many members fit in both categories. Both groups are excited about Anabaptism, albeit in different ways. They're needs and interestes are different and each need to be considered. How can we as a network feed and be fed by both groups?