February 06 AN Website update

Dear friends,

This is the third edition of our monthly website update that goes out to all registered users on the Anabaptist Network website. Our goal is to keep you up-to-date on new items and resources available on the site. This month we have three new items to highlight and we've included a brief selection from each.

If you have problems reading this email you can find it on-line at http://www.anabaptistnetwork.com/feb06update

Virtual Study Group?

Would you be interested in participating in an Anabaptist study group but you live far away from any of our local groups?

Someone living in Cornwall has suggested setting up a ‘virtual study group’ (using email) for those out of reach of the groups.

If you might be interested in this, contact david@pountain.demon.co.uk.

South-west Scotland Anabaptist Day

David Kirkman, who convenes the Anabaptist study group in Lockerbie, is organising an Anabaptist day conference at Kettleholm Village Hall in Kettleholm, near Lockerbie (south-west Scotland) on Saturday 25 March 2006.

The focus of the day will be on the practical implications of the Anabaptist tradition for discipleship and church life today. The programme begins at 10.00 (coffee from 9.30) and ends at 4.30. The main speaker will be Stuart Murray Williams.

Topics will include:

* Why Anabaptism?
* Practical daily living
* Evangelism
* Biblical interpretation in a congregational setting

For further information ring David on 01576 510440 or email him at kirkmansare@tiscali.co.uk

Date of AN Residential Conference 2007 Announced

The fourth Anabaptist Network residential conference is scheduled for 26-28 May 2007 at the Community for Reconciliation's centre at Barnes Close, near Birmingham.

Special guests will be Alan & Eleanor Kreider.

More details will follow.