Primary Documents and Texts

1517-1525: The Beginnings of Anabaptism - excerpt from The Chronicle of the HutterianBrethren - 1665

The Dordrecht Confession of Faith - important Dutch Mennonite conference held at Dordrecht, Holland in 1632

A Foundation and Plain Instruction of the Saving Doctrine of Our Lord Jesus Christ - Menno Simons - 1539

Renunciation of the Church of Rome - Menno Simons - 1554

The Schleitheim Confession - 1527 - seminal Swiss Brethren statement of faith

Thirty-nine Articles of Religion, Church of England - 1563 - Article 38, 'Of Christian men's good which are not common', explicitly denounces Anabaptism

The Net of Faith - Precursor of the Moravian Brethren Peter Chelcicky's The Net of Faith, written in 1433

True Baptism Hans Hut - c. 1527