London Mennonite Centre

The London Mennonite Centre's declared vision is to be 'a place of welcome, hospitality, resource and learning'. Presently we are based in Highgate, north London (close to the Tube station) and have a basement chapel, a couple of meeting rooms, a garden Prayer Hut, a library and bookstall, as well as guest rooms for short- and longer-term guests. All those visiting the Centre, which is served by a small residential community, are welcome to join us each midweek day for 11:00 Coffee, Lunchtime Prayers and 16:00 Tea. Come and meet us.

LMC was started as a student hostel in 1953, undergoing several changes, but has been a seedbed encouraging the development of the Anabaptist Network, the Bridge Builders conflict mediation service and Wood Green Mennonite Church, amongst others. Now as our large Edwardian building is increasingly outmoded to serve the needs of the wider Anabaptist movement, its sale is in hand with a planned relocation to more flexible, viable premises across London, but its ministry is continuing and expanding, with new projects envisioned. Watch this space.