Formed in 1992, the Anabaptist Network is a loose-knit, relational network of individuals interested in drawing on the insights and experiences of the Anabaptist tradition. During the 1980s, a study group met in London to explore issues of common interest and to learn from Anabaptist materials. We studied together, became friends and began to think about other people we knew with similar interests.

By 1991 we felt that the time might be right to develop an Anabaptist Network in the UK, to strengthen friendship links between those who shared common interests and perspectives. Many of these had encountered Anabaptism through the ministry of Alan and Eleanor Kreider, Mennonite missionaries in England. We wrote to about 600 people, inviting them to join this emerging Network and 450 responded positively. The Anabaptist Network was formed, a journal, Anabaptism Today, was launched, and in 1993 we set up a charitable trust to administer the Network.

Our mandate is to offer resources and perspectives from the Anabaptist tradition for reflection on Christian discipleship in a post-Christendom culture, where churches are now on the margins rather than at the centre of society. We want to encourage friendship and sharing of ideas between those who are wrestling with the challenges of this context and who are interested in mining this marginalised tradition for responses. Above all, we want to stimulate and encourage faithful and creative forms of mission, church life and discipleship.