Bibliography of Anabaptist Materials (16th Century) - extensive list of
primary sources from Mennonite Quarterly Review

Books About Anabaptism - from Anabaptist Network
Brethren Bibliography - list of publications and online materials
The Classics of the Radical Reformation - book series providing primary works in English of 16th century Anabaptist & Radical Reformation figures

Mennonite Historical Library Bibliography - Anabaptist-Mennonite works acquisitions up to 1991 at Canadian Mennonite Bible College, arranged thematically:

  1. Bibliographies

  2. General
    historical works

  3. Anabaptism

    1. Primary works

    2. Secondary works

  4. Mennonites around the world

    1. France

    2. The Netherlands

    3. Germany-Poland-Prussia

    4. Russia-Soviet Union

    5. North America

    6. United

    7. Canada

    8. Latin

    9. Asia

    10. Africa

  5. Mennonite Conferences

    1. Amish

    2. Hutterites

    3. MCC

    4. Mennonite
      World Conference

    5. Others

  6. Mennonite life and thought

    1. Pacifism

    2. Ethics
      - general

    3. Theology

    4. Biblical

    5. General

  7. Genealogies
    and family histories

  8. Community
    and congregational histories (N. America)

  9. Novels,
    biographies, poetry & other literary works

  10. Music
    and worship

  11. Cookbooks

The Mennonites: A Brief Guide to Information - topical
bibliography from Bethel College

Mennonites and their Contributions to World Peace
- lists internet & traditional print resources.
Note: This site is no longer active, the link provided is to a static archive of the old site, so many of the links on the page no longer function.

Mennonites: Suggested Basic Bibliography - covers aspects such as
beliefs, history, lifestyles, ethnicity, and culture