Mission, Anabaptism and Post-Christendom

"This paper seeks to explore the current context for mission in Britain in the light of the claim that this country is now entering a new epoch in which the church is no longer closely intertwined with state and society. It will be argued that this centuries-long relationship has been a problematic one, which has significant implications for mission by a church now finding itself increasingly on the margins of a society over which it had once been able to exercise considerable influence, if not outright control. However, it will further be proposed that Anabaptism, a Christian tradition historically marginalised thanks to its rejection of any symbiotic relationship between church, state and society, offers distinctive insights to the wider church which may enhance the task of mission in this period of transition and uncertainty."

Jonathan Blakeborough has made his MTh dissertation, entitled "A critical reflection on the Anabaptist contribution to mission in Britain in the context of Post-Christendom", available to the Anabaptist Network. You can download the text below.