Training Courses

The Anabaptist Network can offer training courses ranging from a single day to an evening course spread over a number of weeks. There are four courses readily available:

1. Creating Church on the Margins - in partnership with Urban Expression we offer a one-day course exploring the challenge of post-Christendom, the phenomenon of the emerging church and the relevance of the Anabaptist tradition in this new mission context.

2. Introducing the Anabaptist Tradition - a one-day programme telling the story of the Anabaptist movement and reflecting on the significance of its distinctive convictions and practices for discipleship today.

3. Interactive Church - four sessions looking at 'Alternatives to the monologue – interactive learning'; 'Multi-voiced worship – interactive celebration'; 'Church discipline – interactive pastoral care'; and 'Alternatives to tithing – interactive economics'. These can be fitted into a single day or spread over four evenings.

4. Urban Church Planting - in partnership with Urban Expression we offer a 12 hour course on church planting in inner-city, multi-faith contexts. This can be done over a weekend or over six evenings.

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In addition, there are a number of study guides on this website, offering resources for personal or group study. To access these, go to