Rediscovering Anabaptism: Church and Power

Nigel Wright, Baptist minister and principal of Spurgeon’s College, London, and founder member of the Anabaptist Network, interprets Anabaptism as seizing an opportunity to do church differently, avoiding hierarchical pitfalls and emphasising participation and service.

Adrian Chatfield, Anglican minister and tutor at Ridley Hall, Cambridge, expresses concern at the power-mongering and exercise of control in churches and wants to recover the scandal of the cross as he trains Christian leaders. He regards Anabaptism as a model in their imitation of Christ and glad acceptance of suffering.

Wally Fahrer, former Mennonite pastor and now a counsellor, comments on the way in which, forced to meet outside holy buildings, the early Anabaptists discovered a new way of being church with an emphasis on community.