Rediscovering Anabaptism: Community

Brian Haymes, Baptist minister and former principal of two Baptist colleges, expresses his appreciation of ethical reflection done in the Anabaptist tradition and notes that contemporary culture has proximity without community.

Phil Wood, member of the Anabaptist Network, reflects on a culture of affluence and apathy, and talks about his work offering accommodation in homes to homeless people as an expression of hospitality, and about his involvement in an Anabaptist community in Leeds.

Alan Kreider, former Mennonite missionary in England and founder member of the Anabaptist Network, describes an individualistic and competitive culture, addicted to privacy.

Philip Astwood, member of Mexborough Wesleyan Reformed Church, talks about his business and its role within his family and community.

Anne Wilkinson-Hayes, Baptist minister currently working in Australia, enthuses about churches that are small enough to work creatively with the surrounding community and willing to live out radically alternative values.