Becoming a Peace Church

What are the implications for a church that decides to take seriously its calling to be a peaceful community? How does this impact its worship, its relationships, the way it equips its members for life and work, the way it responds to global issues?

Alan and Eleanor Kreider wrote a series of articles for Anabaptism Today (you can find all three in the Anabaptism Today archives), in which they explored these issues. The response was so enthusiastic that these articles were revised and turned into a booklet published by the Anabaptist Network, entitled Becoming a Peace Church. Alan and Eleanor Kreider subsequently produced (with an Indonesian colleague, Paulus Widjaja) a further and expanded revision, which incorporates resources and perspectives from around the world. A Culture of Peace: God's Vision for the Church

The ‘Becoming a Peace Church’ course builds on the earlier booklet, offering extensive additional material and questions for reflection.

There are five short sessions and a large appendix that contains the following sections:

• Early Church Fathers on Peace
• Stories of 'God Making Peace'
• Excerpt from Walter Wink's Engaging the Powers
Why Did Dirk Willems Turn Back? by Joseph Liechty
• 'Peacemaking Imagination' Stories
• 'Peacemaking Worship' Resources
• The Just War criteria
• 'Action for Peace' Stories

You can download below both Becoming a Peace Church and the study guide.