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Allaway, Bob

Children...part of the church today, Issue 35:7-12 February 2004

Barrow, Simon

Beyond the Ties that Bind: Anglicans, Anabaptists and Disestablishment, Issue 30:9-14 Summer 2002

Bartley, Jonathan

Introducing ... Ekklesia, Issue 30:25-27 Summer 2002

Beshe, Sisay

Taking on the Powers, Issue 7:5-8 October 1994

Birch, Chris

Anabaptist Insights in the Heart of the Establishment, Issue 26:14-20 Spring 2001

Blackman, Sean

'Interactive Preaching' Revisited, Stephen Willis and Sean Blackman, Issue 23:3-7 Spring 2000

Blaney, Darren

Anabaptists and the Great Commission, Issue 30:2-8 Summer 2002

Brown, Kevin

Doing It Thy Way: Where to Next?, Issue 16:23-28 October 1997

Campanale, David Review.

Johann Christoph Arnold, The Lost Art of Forgiving, Issue 19:30 Autumn 1998

Cartwright, Colin

Studying War, Training for Peace, Issue 28:5-10 Autumn 2001

Robert Charles

Mennonite Mission Work in Europe: Issue 37:3-9 October 2004

Chatfield, Adrian

A Seedbed for Renewing the Church, Issue 8:12-15 February 1995

Cockburn, David

From Arms Maker to Peacemaker, Issue 28:11-13 Autumn 2001

Introducing Christian Peacemaker Teams: Issue 36:17-24 June 2004

Coupland, Kay

'There's Life in the Roots', Issue 24:12-14 Summer 2000

Cruz, Victor Pedroza

Mexican Anabaptism: The Challenge to Make More Noise, Issue 26:21-26 Spring 2001

Dale, Trisha

An Upsurge of Interest, Issue 3:3-6 June 1993

Becoming a Peace Church? Worship, Work, War and Witness, Issue 20:27-29 Spring 1999

Network-within-the-Network Grows from Congregational Conference, Issue 17:20-22 Spring 1998

De Bhaldraithe, Eoin

Adult Baptism in the Early Church, Issue 15:10-15 June 1997

Fahrer, Walfred

Inviting Others to Know and Follow Jesus, Issue 9:8-12 June 1995

Fitz-Gibbon, Andrew

A Plea for Historical Integrity, Issue 6:16-18 June 1994

Foley, Tim

The Anabaptism of Balthasar Hubmaier, Issue 22:14-22 Autumn 1999

Seeking the Source in the Toronto Blessing, Issue 8:4-6 February 1995

A Stubborn Misrepresentation, Issue 12:15-20 June 1996

Forster, Roger,

Coming Home to a Heritage, Issue 7:15-19 October 1994

Fox, Paul,

The Church as Sacrament, Issue 7:20-21 October 1994

Francis, Andrew

Alpha: Is it an Anabaptist Way of Mission?, Issue 18:3-9 Summer 1998

Getting Caught up in Anabaptism, Issue 21:19-24 Summer 1999

Froese, Tim

Korean Anabaptism: A 'Heretical' Renewal Movement, Issue 29:9-14 Spring 2002

Gardiner, Judith A.

Anabaptists in the Political Realm, Issue 7:2-4 October 1994

Gibbons, Lin and Les

Who Were the English Radicals?, Issue 30:22-24 Summer 2002

Halliday, Sue

Walking Together for the Weekend, Issue 6:19-21 June 1994

Hess, Dan

Peace to the Peacemakers, Issue 23:8-9 Spring 2000

Horton, Chris

Joining Hands, Issue 19:25-27 Autumn 1998

Hynd, Doug

Anabaptism 'Down Under': The Anabaptist Association of Australia and New Zealand, Issue 25:21-24 Autumn 2000

Jeffery, Margaret,

Anglicans and Anabaptists Meet after Four Centuries, Issue 5:10-12 February 1994

Jones, Keith

What Difference Does It Make? Guidelines for Worship from the Early Anabaptists, Issue 27:10-18 Summer 2001

Kilpin, Juliet

Urban Expression: Anabaptist Church Planting?, Issue 29:15-18 Spring 2002

Kraybill, Nelson

Conflict and Church Decision Making, Issue 11:16-19 February 1996

A Day with the Hutterian Brethren, Issue 4:17-22 October 1993

Dealing Creatively with Conflict in the Church, Issue 10:18-22 October 1995

Zurich: Seedbed of Radical Change, Issue 1:12-16 November 1992

Kreider, Alan

Anglicans and Anabaptists Meet after Four Centuries, Issue 5:3-6 February 1994

Enabling the Anabaptist Voice to Sing, Alan and Eleanor Kreider. Issue 24:4-11 Summer 2000

Initiating Attractive Christians: Insights from the Early Church: Issue 36:2-7 June 2004

Is a Peace Church Possible?, Issue 19:4-16 Autumn 1998

Is a Peace Church Possible? The Church's 'Domestic' Life, Issue 20:3-13 Spring 1999

Is a Peace Church Possible? The Church's 'Foreign Policy'—Work, War, Witness, Issue 22:3-14 Autumn 1999

Is a Peace Church Possible? The Church's 'Foreign Policy'—Worship, Issue 21:3-12 Summer 1999

Letter from America, Issue 29:3-8 Spring 2002

The London Mennonite Centre's First Fifty Years, Issue 32:2-10 February 2003

Recovering Anabaptist Spirituality, Issue 10:12-17 October 1995

The Search for Roots, Issue 1:5-11 November 1992

Kreider, Eleanor

The Church as a Community in Worship, Issue 13:3-7 October 1996

The Disciple Is not above the Master: Anabaptist Spirituality, Issue 23:10-19 Spring 2000

Enabling the Anabaptist Voice to Sing, Alan and Eleanor Kreider, Issue 24:4-11 Summer 2000

The Lords Supper, Issue 2:8-12 February 1993

Praying for Peace, Issue 17:3-7 Spring 1998

Snapshots of Kingdom People, Issue 4:2-3 October 1993

A Vision of Multi-Voiced Worship, Issue 5:13-17 February 1994

Worship: True to Jesus, Issue 34:3-12 October 2003

Lee, Robert

Anabaptism in Japan, Issue 28:18-21 Autumn 2001

Liechty, Joseph

An Astonishing Capacity to Forgive, Issue 13:13-16 October 1996

Exclusion and Embrace: From Croatia to Northern Ireland, Issue 18:10-14 Summer 1998

Why Did Dirk Willems Turn Back?, Issue 6:7-12 June 1994

Maltby, Judith

Anglicans and Anabaptists Meet after Four Centuries, Issue 5:6-8 February 1994

Marshall, Chris

Following Christ in Life, Issue 23:20-28 Spring 2000

Through the Eye of a Needle, Issue 9:3-7 June 1995

McKAY, Alastair

Conflict in the Church: Threat or Opportunity?, Issue 27:19-23 Summer 2001

Miller, Bill,

Evangelism Among Asians: An Anabaptist Perspective, Issue 20:22-27 Spring 1999

Pastoral Ministry and the Schleitheim Confession: Issue 37:10-16 October 2004

Morinan, Alun

A Question of Conscience, Issue 10:9-11 October 1995

Moules, Noel

Anabaptism Tomorrow, Issue 6:2-6 June 1994

For such a Time as This, Issue 10:3-8 October 1995

The Gospel of Peace, Issue 2:13-17 February 1993

Learning as Empowerment: Liberating Leadership in Learners: Issue 37:17-24 October 2004

Murray Williams, Stuart

Anabaptism as a Charismatic Movement, Issue 8:7-11 February 1995

Church Planting Anabaptist Style, Issue 12:7-14 June 1996

The Core Convictions—Revisited, Issue 28:28-32 Autumn 2001

A Decade of Evangelism, Issue 2:3-7 February 1993

Evangelism in the Radical Tradition, Issue 4:4-9 October 1993

Introducing the Anabaptists, Issue 14:4-18 February 1997

Living on the Margins, Issue 25:4-10 Autumn 2000

Michael Sattler: An Early Swiss Anabaptist Martyr, Issue 16:4-10 October 1997

Unpacking the Core Convictions (1) , Issue 31: 28-31 October 2002

Unpacking the Core Convictions (2) , Issue 32: 24-26 February 2003

Unpacking the Core Convictions (3) , Issue 33:17-19 June 2003

Unpacking the Core Convictions (4) , Issue 34: 19-21 October 2003

Unpacking the Core Convictions (5) , Issue 35: 13-16 February 2004

Unpacking the Core Convictions (6), Issue 36:25-27 June 2004

Unpacking the Core Convictions (7), Issue 37:25-28 October 2004

Newcomb, Will

Turned Around by Reading, Issue 22:22-29 Autumn 1999

Nussbaum, David

Clearing away the Vestiges (part 1), Issue 2:18-21 February 1993

Toronto: Have We Been there before?, Issue 8:2-3 February 1995

Vestiges in Society (part 2), Issue 3:13-16 June 1993

Oxford Road Church, Mexborough

Community, Conflict and International Connections, Issue 18:20-27 Summer 1998

Pearse, Meic

Fear of "Anabaptists" in Sixteenth-Century England, Issue 3:17-22 June 1993

Interview: Ministry or Manipulation?, Issue 15:16-18 June 1997

Phelps, Alison

Genoa, Was It Worth It?, Issue 28:14-17 Autumn 2001

Pietersen, Lloyd

The Pastoral Epistles Speak to Anabaptists Today, Issue 15:5-9 June 1997

Women and the Pastorals (Part 1), Issue 17:8-16 Spring 1998

Women and the Pastorals (Part 2), Issue 18:15-19 Summer 1998

Porter, David

Peacebuilding in Northern Ireland, Issue 30:15-21 Summer 2002

Potter, Andy

The Subversive Church, Issue 21:25-27 Summer 1999

Swiss Anabaptism and the Sword, Issue 19:17-24 Autumn 1998

Randall, Ian

Early English Baptists and Religious Liberty, Issue 4:10-15 October 1993

Evangelicals and the First World War, Issue 11:9-15 February 1996

"Ideas have Wings": Ernest Payne and Anabaptism Issue 16:11-16 October 1997

'Unity Truly of the Christian Faith', Issue 26:5-12 Spring 2001

The Waldensians and the Healing of the Wounds of History, Issue 21:12-19 Summer 1999

Rothwell, Paul

Evangelical Anabaptism: One Hope for Relevant Mission in a Postmodern Context, Issue 27:4-9 Summer 2001

Saxby, Trevor

The Jesus Fellowship on Anabaptism, Issue 5:18-22 February 1994

Seaton, Chris

Celts and Anabaptists, Issue 23:28-30 Spring 2000

Shenk, Gerald

Islands of Hope, Issue 3:7-12 June 1993

Smith, Greg,

Are We all Anabaptists now?, Issue 13:8-12 October 1996

Southall, David

Pilgram Marpeck: An Ecumenical Anabaptist Issue 24:20-27 Summer 2000

Sprange, Harry

Children in an Anabaptist Congregation, Issue 6:13-15 June 1994

Thiessen, Vic

The Passion of the Christ and Narrative Christus Victor: Issue 36:8-19 June 2004

Thiessen Nation, Mark

Helping Us See Jesus: John Howard Yoder 1927-1997, Issue 17:17-20 Spring 1998

Much More Than Aphorisms, Issue 25:11-15 Autumn 2000

Seeking Discernment in the Land of John Smyth, Issue 15:19-22 June 1997

Thiessen Nation, Mary

What Have You Come Here to Learn? Issue 16:17-22 October 1997

Thompson, Jeremy

Interactive Preaching, Issue 20:14-21 Spring 1999

Jesus and the Two Swords: Did Jesus Endorse Violence?, Issue 33:10-16 June 2003

Thorington-Hassell, Jane and Geoff

Anabaptism with a Harder Edge?, Issue 17:23-27 Spring 1998

Watkins, Graham

You Turn Again, Dirk Willems, Issue15:3-4 June 1997

Wilkinson-Hayes, Anne

I Have a Dream for my Church, Issue 12:4-6 June 1996

Willis, Stephen

'Interactive Preaching' Revisited, Stephen Willis and Sean Blackman. Issue 23:3-7 Spring 2000

Wood, Philip

Anglicans and Anabaptists Meet after Four Centuries, Issue 5:8-10 February 1994

Wright, Judy

Menno and Church Discipline, Issue 11:3-8 February 1996

Wright, Nigel

Catching the Bell Rope, Issue 1:17-20 November 1992

"God’s Servant" the State (part 1), Issue 7:9-14 October 1994

The Powers and Gods Providential Rule, Issue 8:16-20 February 1995

Re-inventing Christendom, Issue 33:2-9 June 2003

Respectful and Subversive, Issue 9:17-20 June 1995

Zehr, Howard

Crime and Restorative Justice, Issue 9:13-16 June 1995

Zundel, Veronica

From Roots to Shoots?, Issue 24:15-19 Summer 2000

Modest Proposal (1), Issue 32: 27-29 February 2003

Modest Proposal (2), Issue 33: 23-26 June 2003

Modest Proposal (3), Issue 34: 22-25 October 2003

Modest Proposals (4): Issue 36:28-30 June 2004

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