Anabaptism Today Journal

Published three times a year between November 1992 and November 2004, the Network’s journal was dedicated to exploring radical church history and its implications for discipleship today. Its aim has been to provide resources for those interested in Anabaptism, by introducing readers to sixteenth-century Anabaptists, printing articles and book reviews that reflect on the significance of Anabaptist convictions for church and society in the twenty-first century, and encouraging ongoing dialogue.

Issue 14 was a special issue, which has been reprinted and will remain available. Entitled Introducing the Anabaptists, this provides a useful summary of their history, distinctive convictions and practices, and contemporary significance.

During 2004 the decision was taken to cease publication of the journal after 12 years and 37 issues (the final issue being the November 2004 issue). The Anabaptist Network is run by volunteers and, as the Network moves into a new phase with increasing interaction with Christians from other traditions and new publishing opportunities, we decided that our limited resources should now be devoted to other priorities.

Copies of most previous issues are available and can be purchased from the Anabaptist Network using the contact form. If you were not a subscriber, you can still receive a complimentary copy of a back issue of the journal by requesting this on the contact form.

On the following pages you will find an author index and a subject index for past issues of the journal. You can search these to find specific articles of interest to you. Selected articles from past issues are available in the Articles Archive: